High cargo turnover, steady cooperation with several grocery market high rollers allow "Omega-Broker Group" own a port forwarding group "Alfa Logistik Plus", which consists of young, but highly experienced forwarders and office workers, who monitor and trace online all the unloadings, ships' landfalls and cargo movements.

Throughout the company's existence a steady training and selection work has been carried out to gain the best personnel. Presently we can baldly claim, that the staff of the forwarders is made up with adequate, experienced people attracted to the needs of the client. Solving problems of any complexity is not a problem for us. Each stage of the receipt, inspection and cargo delivery to the client is well known for us.

"Alfa Logistik Plus" was established in order to compete successfully on the market of freight forwarding services. "Alfa Logistik Plus" provides transportation and logistics services via its own transport.

Key business lines:

  • Forwarding of perishable goods lots;
  • Port forwarding;
  • Fulfillment of agreements on freight forwarding;
  • Cargo insurance;
  • Warehousing;
  • Safekeeping at our warehouses;
  • Formation of the consignments;
  • Cargo transshipment at the warehouse;
  • Warehouse cargo handling;
  • Cargo trucking from the port;
  • Delivery of the loaded container to the client's warehouse, unloading;
  • Multimode transport of all cargo types.

Continuous work on the internal corporate training and staff development, based on the initial selection of the best personnel in the Northwestern Federal District, suggests that "Alfa Logistik Plus" forwarders staff is made up with competent, experienced professionals with a maximum range of competences in the field of transport logistics.

Any complexity problems solving is a clear and understandable process for "Alfa Ligistic Plus" even at the early order analytics stage. Each link in the receipt, inspection and handing over the goods to the customer is well known and provides structured regulations of the company. Each stage of the receipt, inspection and cargo delivery to the client is well known for us and provided by the structured regulations of the company.

Our trucks fleet ensure timely container and ship consignments delivery from the sea port area. We carry out timely cargo delivery to the warehouses in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other nearby regions.

All the vehicles and trailers of the company are officially accredited at the terminals of the First Container Terminal (FCT), PetroLesPort (PLP), Container Terminal of St. Petersburg (CTSP), the port of Kronstadt (TSW 'Moby Dik' and Vasileostrovsky Cargo Area (VOGR) and included into the agreed applications for cargo trucking from the other ports and terminals of St. Petersburg.

The Head of the Department

Alexey Pigolitsyn
Tel.: +7 (812) 313-66-02, 677-26-16
Mob.: +7 (911) 224-17-79

Skype: magistr__78